Our Philosophy

‘for an even greater attachment to your dog’

Treat them to the finest

Our dogs bring untold joy and companionship into our lives. In return they should be treated to the finest: the softest bed, the juiciest bone, the longest walk, but especially the finest lead paired with a most stylish collar.

The Tether guarantee

Our four-legged friends devotion deserves only the best hand-made products made from high quality materials, designed for longevity – and that is what we guarantee when you buy from Tetherleads.

Quintessential quality

We refuse to compromise on quality, so we source only the finest Italian leather. This means that Tetherleads and collars are made from strong, supple and water-resistant leather.

Hand-made in England

Our expertly sourced materials are hand-made here in England to our exacting specifications. This produces leads and collars that are soft to touch, wear well and hold their shape. They are given a fine finish for a firm yet flexible leather with supple, natural bends.

Unique design

We match the quality of our materials with the uniqueness of our design. The solid brass fittings create a classic quintessential country feel. And, when at rest, the innovative configuring of the eyelets and rings allow you to swiftly and simply ‘tether’ your dog to the most suitable object and adjust the length of the leash to suit the needs of you and your dog.

Lead Design Choices

Our Tetherleads are available in two design options, depending on your preference. Each has a choice of leather collars and slip collars to match.

In our experience slip collars work well for teaching your dog to walk to heel. They relax when your dog is walking by your side, reinforcing this correct behaviour to your dog. Once you have a well-trained four-legged companion, a clip collar provides the perfect combination of durability and comfort.

Our Collars are supplied to fit the neck of your dog, please see the sizes available and order best fit.