About Us


We rarely go anywhere without our springer dog, and as we like to travel a fair bit, she’s become a well-travelled pooch.

When we travel, we love to sample the best of the local culinary action, be that in the pub, inn, restaurant or café – and this is when our Springer can truly live up to her name. She doesn’t mind being secured but it has to be on her terms.

Inconveniently and uncomfortably, we used to end up with the lead wrapped around our ankles or wrists (have you ever tried eating a bowl of mussels with a canine strapped to your arm?) or, slipped with little confidence, under a chair leg.
After trying many leads and many methods, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Our experiences had shown us that we needed a lead with a method of being attached swiftly and securely to a wide range of fixtures.
It would also need to be quickly adjusted for length depending on the location.

We trailed a number of different samples and arrived at two optimum ‘dog’-approved models.

The Oxford Lead is made from best quality harness leather with reinforced eyelets along its length. It can be supplied with either a slip collar or a clip onto a collar with a quick-release Bridle Hook.

The Woodstock Lead is similar in operation but uses rings along the leather strap. The choice will ultimately come down to purely personal preference and aesthetic appeal.

We only wanted our products to be manufactured from the best quality British-produced leathers and brass cast fittings, so we source our materials from purveyors to the equestrian world’s most exceptional saddle and harness makers.

We didn’t stop at just the Tetherlead and have produced a matching range of collars using the same quality materials.

The finished products have more than matched our expectations and we hope you will feel the same.

If you have any questions or want to know more about us or Tetherleads,
then please feel free to get in touch.