What makes our leather dog leads so special?

Many believe a dog lead is just a dog lead. Well, we beg to differ. Our leads bring a sense of style with unique practicality that only dog owners can truly understand.

So, what makes our leads so special? We must start with the design, as this is where it all started. After too many day trips out with the dogs and struggling with a dog lead wrapped around our wrist, chair leg or even ankle, we decided to take matters into our own hands and design a dog lead that could be easily attached to almost anything so we could enjoy eating and drinking out, with our pups, but hands free!

And thus was born the Tetherlead. We designed the lead so that the handle could be unclipped, wrapped around almost anything and clipped back into the brass ring/eyelet at the desired length. And voila! The dog is secure, safely and stylishly.

Border Collie dog attached to bench with leather dog lead

Since conception we have realised the design isn’t just for those that frequent cafes and public houses. They’re perfect for picnics when you don’t want your dog making a dash for someone else’s sandwiches, dog walking with prams (no more one-handed pram pushing, attach the lead to the pram and you’re all set!) and attaching to the car when you’re getting ready for a walk. The uses are endless. We would love to hear how you use your Tetherlead in the comments below.

Dog running away with lead
Photo by Jayden Burdick

We wanted our leads to not only serve a purpose, but to also look good and last a lifetime. So, we set to work sourcing the best materials we could find.

We use the finest Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather for its strength, durability and supple texture. The full grain aniline leather retains the hide’s natural surface so whilst you may find the odd natural mark in the leather, the quality is clearly visible.

To compliment the fine leather, we use solid cast brass fittings, colour coordinated waxed thread stitching and durable cotton rope.

Brass hook on adjustable leather dog lead

Best of all, they are handmade in England! In the leather district of Walsall to be exact. Walsall has more saddlers and leather goods makers than anywhere else in northern Europe with generations of families involved in the trade! With cheap foreign imports to compete with, saddlers and leather workers focus on their skilled craftsmanship providing quality, and that is certainly what our leather worker showcases through our beautiful lead and collar collection.

Woodstock leather adjustable dog lead with brass rings

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