How to groom your dog like a pro!

Amidst lockdown 3.0 and lots of dog walking in the winter elements, maybe it’s time to show your dog some TLC? Here are our top tips on how to groom your dog and keep them looking in tip-top condition.

  • Check their paws for any debris, stones and grass seeds – not forgetting in between their toes!
  • It’s a good idea to open up your dog’s coat before washing to ensure all knots are brushed out and enables a deep clean. A standard slicker brush is perfect for removing knots and untangling matted fur, brushing upwards on your dog’s legs and across the rest of the coat.
  • Once your dog has been brushed, it’s a good idea to clean their eyes and ears using warm water. Wipe a piece of cotton wool with warm water over each eye and in each ear, just be sure to use a fresh piece for each eye and ear!
  • Next up is your dog’s nails. Using some dog nail clippers, avoiding the pink nerve of their nail, trim off the white of the nail – if you trim too close to the nerve and bleeding occurs, use an ice compress and put the nail in cornflour to stop the nail bleeding. It’s a good idea to do this every 2-4 weeks. These nail clippers by Thunderpaws are great
  • If your dog needs a bit of a trim it is best to use some hair cutting scissors. Don’t use human clippers as these cut close to the skin and you risk cutting your dog, which wouldn’t go down well in your dog’s books!

 Dog having a groom, being washed in the bath

Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash

  • Now it’s time to wash your dog. Pop them on a bathmat to stop them slipping over, and if they’re likely to make a dash for it you may want to use a lead to keep them still! One of our Tetherleads is perfect for the job, the unique design allows you to un-clip the handle, slip it through the bath handle and reattach it to the lead at the length you need to keep the dog from making a dash for it!
    Now the dog’s secure, work up a really good lather all over your dog, making sure to get in between their toes. Using extra caution do their face, ears and beard last. Using warm water, rinse the face first followed by the body. If the dog has had a really good time in the mud or you’re looking for a super deep clean, then repeat the shampoo process. This shampoo is just fab and perfect for dogs with sensitive skin too!
  • Dry your dog with a big towel or a hairdryer on its coolest setting until they’re nice and dry.
  • Now give them a big squidge and a treat. Grooming can be a nice bonding experience between you, and you pooch.

Dog owner cuddling dog in back of landrover with brown leather dog lead

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