How Tetherleads was born | Bringing handmade dog leads style and practicality through innovative design

In the first instalment of our blog I thought I would take you back to how the brand started and why the concept of the Tetherlead was brought to life.

We have a Springer called Bolli, we rescued her at around 2 years old but we think she’s a Welsh Springer Spaniel. She’s terribly cute, very intelligent, and despite being almost 14 and as deaf as a post she’s still at times puppy like! Where we go, Bolli goes, and after 12 (or so) years of trying chain leads, retractable leads and putting her lead under chair legs (and her escaping every time we stood up), wrapping the lead around a nearby tree (Bolli may as well have been hugging the tree!) or eating with her lead wrapped around our wrists (have you ever tried that one!?) we decided we’d had enough! We were going to design something that could easily be used when out and about, and thus the Tetherlead was born.

We wanted to create a dog lead with coordinating collars that were not only practical but also beautiful, unique and would stand the test of time, fitting with our ethos of ‘buy well buy once’. This is why the craftsmanship is second to none with each lead and collar made using only the finest Italian leather, cast solid brass fittings and hand stitched using heavy waxed thread.

We’re very proud of the unique design of the Tetherlead, the brass trigger-hook on the handle is used to clip-on to the brass eyelets on the Oxford lead or the brass rings on the Woodstock lead to either adjust the length of the handle or to loop the lead around almost any object to tether your dog. So now we can all enjoy hands-free pub grub. Hurrah!

After a few prototypes we decided that to attach the lead to the dog’s collar we would use a brass trigger-hook bridle clip that offers a quick release and swivels, so the lead doesn't twist as your dog moves allowing for an easy dog walk!

A year on and we still feel very new and slowly navigating our way around the internet, Instagram and Facebook (please follow us and share your Tetherlead snaps). Our daughter Cesca has joined the Tetherlead team and we’re already thinking up new ideas to add to our collection, so watch this space!

Springer Spaniel in car with leather dog lead

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